Sunday, 11 November 2012

At the Airport: Dialogue 2 - Júlia Arbós & Iris Aixalà

At the airport:      CHECKING IN FOR A FLIGHT

Iris: Good morning can I have your tickets and passport please?

Júlia: Yes, here you are.

Iris:Thank you. How many bags are you checking?

Júlia: I'm cheking four bags.

Iris: Good, here are your boarding passes. Your flight boards at gate number 17 at 11:30. Just follow the signs over there on your right

Júlia: Ok. at 11:30.

Iris: No, gate SEVENTEEN.

Júlia: Oh, 17. I see. Thank you very much.

Iris: You're welcome, Mrs.Júlia. Have a good flight.

When Júlia arrived at the other airport in the UK.


Júlia: Excuse me, two of my bags hasn't arrived.

Iris: Can I see your ticket please? you were on flight BA38592 from New York.

Júlia: Yes, that's right.

Iris: Can you give me a description of the bags madam?

Júlia: Yes, the bags are blue and green, and they are small.

Iris: Ok. Where are you staying in New York madam?

Júlia: At the Royal hotel. The address is 112, Central Park Street.

Iris: Can I have your name Miss?

Júlia: Yes, it's Júlia. J-Ú-L-I-A.

Iris: Right, Okay then Miss. We'll phone you a soon as the bag arrives.

Júlia: Do you have any idea when that will be?

Iris: Well, hopefully this afternoon when the next flight arrives from New York

Júlia: Fine, thank you very much.

Iris: You're welcome. Next, please.